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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  December 26, 2015 8:00am-9:00am PST

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heavy winds with cold temperatures and it make things feel really frigid outside. let's turn it over to carlo falco with a weather first check.... we're following breaking news this morning... a wildfire is burning out of control in southern california right now.... forcing families from their homes and shutting down a major highway....
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thousand acres in ventura county. crews say they haven't gotten any of it contained but they are tackling this blaze from the ground and air. a press conference is scheduled of it contained but they are tackling this blaze from the ground and air. a press conference is scheduled for 10 a-m and we're expecting to get more information then. here's what we know...this is just northwest of los angeles. authorities have issued a mandatory evacuation orders for solimar, and voluntary evacuations for nearby faria beach...flames are threatening homes in those areas. no word yet on what started this fire. we turn now to a developing highway is shut down, and officials have also halted railroad traffic. no word yet on what started
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we turn now to a developing story... a valley woman is desperatly searching for her missing husband again today. 72-year-old wallace inkenbrandt was last seen leaving his home to run an errand on thursday. the search has led police all the way to the california state line. as you can imagine, it's been a very emotional few days for the family. his wife says wallace left the house thursday morning and headed to the walmart near craig and mlk. he wanted to buy food for relatives visiting from out of town. at about noon - she got a text from him saying he was almost home - but he never showed up. family members immediately began searching the area. they found nothing after hours and called police. cops traced his phone to an area near the state line -but they have yet to find it or him. his family is extremely worried about his health. "crying (for 9 seconds)" wallace's family says he goes to the state line once a month to buy lottery
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his family thinks someone either stole the car - throwing him and his things out - or he became disoriented because of his health issues and got lost. if you have information or have seen wallace, you're asked to call police. we're following a story developing near downtown. maria escalante is behind bars this morning.. accused of gunning down her husband at the plaza hotel. it happened on christmas eve just before midnight...we're told his body was found somewhere on the sixth floor of the south tower. as you can imagine, this was quite scary for guests staying on that floor. they had to be moved to other rooms. we are following this story and are looking at arson as the possible reason for a house fire that broke out around two 'o clock on christmas morning... it happened near lamb and the fifteen. here's the weird thing... firefighters aren't really sure who lives there. they didn't find anybody inside or around the home, but they say someone is suppose to live there.
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that house is a complete loss. 23:44:38-23:44:45 "pretty impressive fire. they did a wonderful job making sure that the other neighbors not have any significant damage whatsoever." fire crews are still working to locate the people who live there. damage is estimated at 300 thousand dollars. but, thankfully, no body was injured. right now extreme weather battering the south. a christmas tornado touching down in alabama- creating new damage, and flooding causing the governor to declare a state of emergency. abcs phillip mena has the latest from hard hit birmingham nats - winds/ rushing water overnight, a christmas day tornado tears through birmingham alabama? this field of debris and shattered wood, all that remains of these homes along the two square mile path of destruction. sot- ff stringer video raging across tennessee, alabama, and mississippi which claimed 15 lives ?and injured dozens more as springlike storms marched through the south. nats holly springs, mississippi spending christmas day digging out what signs of the holiday cheer could be salvaged among supplies? and this christmas tree, one of the few things kelvin o. buck "it's amazing.
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michelle hudson - victim's daughter "my oldest daughter is christmas. first responders forced to sot - i know it's a slim people across the mid-west are picking up the pieces after
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imagine driving along a bridge and it gives out right underneath you. it happened to a semi driver--we'll tell you what investigators think caused this to happen. plus, even santa claus needs some help sometimes and when he's in need, firefighters respond! we'll tell you why he needed to be rescued..coming up.
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now for a look at your
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a california police officer is recovering this morning after
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this happened near bart subway station in san francisco. it all began with a call about a suspicious man standing by a uhaul with a broken window. several witnesses say they saw an armed man exchange gunfire with two officers. 15-year-old mauricio palma witnessed the whole thing and took this video. (nats) "you just be quiet. you just stop right
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"he was still trying to get up and then the officer was pushing him down." (mauricio palma, witness) "opening presents is excitement but too much excitement when you have gunshots in the neighborhood." the officer and suspect are in stable condition this morning. investigators say the suspect used a stolen gun and had a u-haul with swapped plates. new this morning... muslims in a houston neighborhood gathered last night for prayers after their mosque erupted in flames. just an hour before, it waa at full capacity--over 200 people filled inside for prayer. the fire started yesterday afternoon and about 80 firefighters worked to put the flames out. arson investigators and the a-t-f are on the scene and looking into the possiblity this fire was started intentionally. (achref bava/ attendee) "a burned mosque, a burned church or a burned synagogue, or a burned temple. it's not good to see it like that." officials haven't determined the cause yet, but they are investigating it as suspicious
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religious building. emergency crews have been busy cleaning up the damage after a historic bridge collapsed in indiana. take a look, crews say the bridge, built in 18-80, gave way when a semi truck drove across it yesterday! the truck was almost six times over the weight limit. luckily, no one was hurt. some people in town are hoping the historic bridge can be rebuilt. either way, officials say the bridge could be closed for after his sled... or car caught on fire early yesterday morning. santa says after a long night of dashing through the snow... he hopped in his car to finish up his christmas deliveries. but he didn't get far before his car caught on fire! fire crews helped put out the flames and rescue santa. don't worry, santa is doing just fine.... and was able to finish all his deliveries. returns... we have some tips on how to kick some bad habits just in time for the new year.
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action news. we'll be right back on this morning.
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the corner, many aretheir new year's resolutions. joining me now to talk about their new year's resolutions. joining me now to talk about addiction and ways to kick bad
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solutions recovery center. many people have a very hard time kicking, smoking? what makes it so hard to quite. 2. what steps can people take? 3. how long should people expect it to take them? 4. lets talk about addiction in general, what defines an addiction? 5. so people can become addicted
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things beyond drugs and alcohol? 6. how serious can those addiction be? 7. do you have any tips for people trying to get a handle on technology addiction or shopping addiction? 8. how does someone become
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something? 9. why is now the important time to face these bad habits and addictions? 10. tell us a little more about solutions recovery. welcome back... christmas newborns get the welcome back...
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welcome back...
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special treatment at a children's hospital in pittsburgh. take a look at this adorable photo...they receive red stockings to keep them cozy. a group of volunteers also brough them handmade hats. the gifts were given to each baby born on christmas eve or christmas day. all the newborns this month will also take home a children's book . not everyone has a home to go to or someone to share a warm meal with--- that's where catholic charities of southern nevada comes in. yesterday, local volunteers served about 15-hundred meals. the dinner included pork loin.. stuffing.. twice-baked potatoes, broccoli the dignity and compassion of being seated and served a meal by people that care enough to be here is a wonderful gift. catholic charities of southern nevada has been serving our communities less fortunate since 1965. president obama and the first lady spent christmas day with service members and their families at the marine corps base in kaneohe bay, hawaii. he thanked the service members
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and said their efforts to help keep americans free and strong is never taken for granted. mr. obama also talked about the six u-s troops killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan on monday -- he called them brave and outstanding. spending the christmas holidays in hawaii has been an annual tradition for the first family since he was first elected. still ahead this's time to get rid of the christmas tree. and there's places in the valley that want to help you do just that. we'll tell you where you can recycle your tree. a group of local volunteers spent their christmas day making wishes come true..their story, next.
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good morning las vegas.... a wildfire is burning out of control in southern california right now.... forcing families from their homes and shutting down a major highway.... the fire has now burned over 1 thousand acres in ventura county. over 500 firefighters are battling this blaze.... it's burning just northwest of los angeles and is causing some problems..... it appears crews have tackled some of this fire but they say it's a tough one because of gusty winds authorities have issued a mandatory evacuation orders for nearby homes...... parts of the famous pacific coast highway is shut down, and officials have also halted railroad traffic. no word yet on what started
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good morning las vegas, i'm elizabeth gadley the time now is... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! some got just what they wanted from mother nature---a white christmas! get this.. our photographer even spotted some flurries last night in
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of the pictures sent to our news room from the christmas storm.... the snow started falling late thursday into christmas morning with areas from henderson to the northwest seeing accumulations. we received alot of viewer can see a dusting of snow on cars and accumulations in the parks. as you just saw, the white christmas had some reaching for the phones to get a video or picture and for some of the valley's kids it made for a perfect day. marissa kynaston has that story... take pkg nat wow a white christmas must have been high on christmas day-- since 2008. sot braiden it was really cool had finished opening their
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plenty of people celebrated the snowfall by heading up to mount charleston to play. before people got to the snow, they had to deal with a lot of traffic. in fact, metro officer were out there directing traffic and keeping order. once families made it to the top, they were having a blast throwing snowballs and building time seeing the snow so it made for a very special day for them. ahead today... you might be looking for ways
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the city of henderson is offering locals to give their christmas trees a new lease on life by recycling them. all you have to do is drop off your tree during regular hours at 8 different locations. here's the locations... acacia park, anthem hills park, arroyo grande sports complex, henderson multigenerational center, mission hills park, morrell park, pecos legacy park and whitney ranch recreation center. remember to remove your lights and ornaments because they can't be recycled. the number of trees recylced in henderson has doubled ever since the city started this program. spending the holidays with family is something that sometimes....we can take for granted. for those who are elderly or critically ill...its sometimes not possible. thats why the folks at american medical response volunteer every year make christmas wishes come true. action news anchor jacqui heinrich has the story. "each time we take someone home i see the enjoyment of the families on their faces, saying this person hasnt been home for
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their home burned down days before christmas... and one family didn't expect any presents. but as action news reporter parker collins shows us, santa delivered in a big way. the tears of devastation have stopped. these tears are of sheer joy. (nats of unwrapping) so and so watches his daughter unwrap gifts m. mejia (too short to super) 2:23:39-2:23:44 "i got clothes, a tablet, coloring pages." they would've never come... if it weren't for these guys.
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trying to save their home scared. i don't wish it for nobody." their dad was trying to put out the fire himself. it was way too big for that. they ended up losing almost everything. richard tull, firefighter 2:07:57-2:08:02 "it sucks and it hurts. it hits you in the chest, but you come and you do the most good for the most people you can." for years, firefighters like these guys have helped families all around southern year. 2:18:00 gracias gracias thank you so much! the firefighters who last saw this family on the worst day of their lives... 2:16:02 laughter ...are now key to making this day one of the few weeks ago knocked on their door. gabriela mejia 2:22:38-2:22:43 "i was like is there something burning? what's happening. i want to know, but then they stop here and i get so suprised." this season, half a
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collins channel thirteen action news. good morning las vegas... coming up... fedex is facing some criticism from customers after what the company is calling "slight delays" on package deliveries. upset customers decided to take to social media to air out their frustrations. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning,we'll be right back. people in florida had to keep
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year after temps around tampa bay reach the mid-80-s. many folks used the christmas holiday to spend time at clearwater beach to enjoy the day with a little fun in the sun. (frank "it's a little strange celebrating christmas on the beach.. it's the first time i've ever done it.") (megan "it's amazing.. cause i've never been to the beach before so it's a great experience.") the temperatures are warm, even by florida standards. tampa bay usually sees an average of 73 degrees this time year... still pretty nice weather, though! here in las vegas, it's a different story--we're a little jealous of all that warm weather. right now, we're dealing with
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winds are expected to pick up now to a consumer alert from
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the stores are sure to be packed this weekend with people returning gifts... so, if you're venturing out, you certainly won't be alone. americans typically return about $60 billion-dollars worth of gifts over the holidays. the most returned gifts.. clothing, electronics and toys. sot mark ellwood, author "bargain fever: how to shop in a discounted world" don't assume you can return any gift they'd only offer 30. and while the most wonderful time of the year may technically be behind us, it's the best time of the year for deals on all things christmas. target... walmart... even many grocery and discount stores are now offering 70 percent off holiday merchandise. it's also a great time for
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furniture and mattresses. fedex is facing heat for failing to get packages delivered before christmas. the company says an overwhelming amount of online shopping and severe storms are to blame. and for some drivers it was no holiday off.. hitting the road playing last minute santas. script: nats - music 'twas the night before christmas? your package was late? you'd paid extra shipping? to arrive by fedex had shipped some - but thousands of missed deliveries? that it says were caused by bad company for ruining christmas? one customer tweeting (gfx) i should be able to trust it. employees "volunteered to not at home to accept previosly experience any delays in
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a florida family is grateful for what they are calling a christmas miracle that saved their daughter's life. now they have a message for parents about one of the best holiday gifts you can give your child. cnn's elizabeth cohen has their story. gemma botelho was a completely healthy four year old little
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(elizabeth cohen, cnn) you thought she wasn't going to make it?) father: no. on sunday, december 13th gemma had a slight fever. (lejla szabo/ mother) she wasn't extremely sick. at all. on monday, gemma felt better. she even danced in her school's christmas play. but then three days later. (lejla szabo/ mother) she was pale. she had cold hands, cold feet. (alex botelho/ father) she was trying to say something wrong...she never spoke with me in that tone before, asking for help. her parents, lejla and alex took gemma to the emergency room just in the nick of time. she arrived - and went into cardiac arrest. (lejla szabo/ mother) the feeling of losing your child right in front of you. (elizabeth cohen/ cnn) you thought you were going to lose her?) father and mother: yes. (cohen: her heart wasn't doing anything.) father and mother: no. doctors performed cpr on gemma for 45 minutes. (lejla szabo/ mother) he told me we just have to look back and appreciate these four and a half years we had with her.
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heart working again. they put her on life and sent her in a hospital to a transplant center, thinking she needed a new heart. (lejla szabo/ mother) thursday, friday, saturday, her heart wasn't doing anything, (nothing, no activity?) nothing, absolutely no activity, no pulse. the sunday before christmas, her parents asked friends around the world to say prayers for their daughter at mass. (alex botelho/ father) one in argentina, brazil, in italy, and one in miami, 11 o'clock. (cohen; everyone did a mass at the same time?) (father) yeah. and that's when lejla and alex say they got their christmas miracle. (father).. bounce back on sunday. (cohen) all of a sudden on sunday gemma's heart started to beat again. can you explain it? (dr. jeffrey jacobs/ all children's hospital) sometimes we don't
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happens in medicine. (cohen) what's gemma's prognosis? how's she going to do? (dr. jeffrey jacobs/ all children's hospital) i think she's going to make a great recovery. a month from now this is going no one can explain why some children, like gemma, get so desperately ill from the flu. (cohen) did gemma ever get a flu shot? (parents) never. never. (cohen) because? (mother) i didn't think of the flu as a serious illness. but now they do. and the parents of this little girl, who dreams of being a doctor when she grows up, have a message to other parents: get your child vaccinated for the flu. elizabeth cohen, cnn, st. petersburg, florida gemma's doing much better, but she's still not out of the woods yet. unfortunately, children die from the flu every year - but it's not too late to get a flu shot this season. you're watching channel 13
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we'll have a final check of your forecast, next. one last look at southern
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where a wildfire is burning out of control... it's scorched 11 hundred acres just northwest of los angeles. homes are being threatened and some families are being forced to leave. parts of pacific coast highway are shut down and railroad service has been halted. over 500 firefighters are fighting this blaze. we're expecting to hear from fire crews at press conference which starts at 10 a.m. we will continue following this and bring you the latest on this fire on later editions of action news. thanks for joining us this
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." >> ohh! >> look at that. who's the fussiest eater in your house? do you have a little brother or sister, or maybe a finicky cat? today, you are going to meet 6 species that take picky eating to the extreme. like marsupials that munch on eucalyptus leaves. you couldn't even see them up there. >> yeah.
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